I can’t remember when my love affair with books started because I have always loved books. I can read anywhere and anytime. I can even read while riding on the back of a motorcycle. Tolkien holds the honor of my first book obsession when I discovered The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Series. Aragorn and Legolas were my very first book boyfriends. Julie Garwood began my love of smut and Highlanders. I took a detour into YA while my kids were growing up so I could pass on my love of reading to the next generation. Now that my kids are grown I came back to my love of smut. I’m an equal opportunity smut reader. I love contemporary romances, all things biker, paranormal, and romantic suspense. New Adult isn’t my favorite but if the blurb is intriguing enough, I’ll dive in. I require an alpha male and a female lead that’s not a pushover or stupid. I love books that make me laugh and cry, and if it’s at the same time that’s even better.

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