E. E. B.

Elizabeth E. Brookes, affectionately EEB, is a group of God-fearing young ladies who are dedicated to sharing the Gospel whether it be through speaking, writing, or composing. Founding it together after the first sparks of pencils began to fly, Brooke Norris and Sarah Spradlin are the commanders-in-chief of operations. Both girls have been friends since their mothers met, quite by chance, in a voting-line on a hot and humid Georgian day when they were only two. Ever since, Brooke and Sarah have been inseparable as they have written books together as well as written music together. Regardless of what they do, each of these young ladies encourages the other in whatever they might happen to be doing. Brooke is a current Sophomore in High School with Sarah leading only narrowly as a Junior. They are also the only current members of the EEB Team, although they have been on the look out for more eager young hearts to share in the adventure. This search has landed them with Brenna Hay, a humorous and insane Junior from Minnesoooota. She is much the same as Brooke and Sarah when it comes to writing, although she does tend toward the stranger end of literature writing about zombies and robots. Brenna is a much welcome addition and Sarah and Brooke look forward to learning more about her as they all work together writing for Christ. When not writing or composing, these three can be found talking to one another, working on their enormous loads of school work, or reading.