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I am a Micro Cosmetic Artist for over 25 years. I offering some great services, but actually I am focused on a new, naturally awesome cosmetic line to bring it to America - the Juchheim Effect Cosmetics. The Effect Cosmetics products are offering many products with unique selling points.

I am an Independent Consultant - at Dr. Juchheim - Effect Cosmetics!
Hundreds of beauticians, hairdressers, nail designers, permanent make-up artists and stylists can earn a lucrative extra income with this simple approach and if you hustle, it could become your main source as well. Now you are certainly wondering, main income? Yes,! You want to know whether it is also something for you and how it works? Call me!

If you also have problems with cellulite, if you are looking for effective cosmetics with LONG-TERM EFFECT without parabens, paraffins, silicones, hormones and no animal testing, when you want to make money fast and uncomplicated .... you did find the right place.

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