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Piscataway Country

Because I define gravity, nothing but my mind can keep me grounded, thus I invite you to plunge deep into my world of trials, adventures and fairy tales all conquered by love, and watch with me from on high—as my delicately fabricated fictions emerge from the depths of my mental and dance with real life.

Mighty Professional Undertakings:::
◘ Loveologist
◘ Love Consultant
◘ Literary Artist
◘ Master Paintress
◘ Publisher
◘ Creator

I am a woman of strong faith, many aliases, trades and hobbies. I am unconditionally in love with Self, my King, and my Tribe.

I aspire to change the world for the sake of LOVE with my gifts, talents, voice and deeds. I will.

♥Welcome to My Tribe, my royal court of Kings and Queens♥

"Live with great vim, and dance with majestic vigor!"

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