Perth, Australia

I was born in Cape Town, and have lived in Perth since 1986. I am proactive in a wide range of Jewish community activities, including filming events, genealogical research, and bringing the Memories of Muizenberg Exhibition to Australia, now on its way to Vancouver. I give talks and presentations on my worldwide Jewish heritage travel and photography. I like to educate about the importance of our cultural yiddishkeit and in particular, the connections to our roots. I write KehilaLinks for JewishGen, the world’s largest Jewish genealogical organisation, based in New York. KehilaLinks are Jewish websites of places where Jews have lived or live. My KehilaLinks include over 70 sites in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Germany, Russia, China, South Africa and Australia. I blog and post regularly on Jewish Life and Travel and JewishGen's Facebook site. My heritage story is on Virtual Shtetl, Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Some highlight videos are on my YouTube Channel. My website: invites you into my world of digital storytelling.

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