Jim Flood

No Excuses Accepted: Motivation on the Road to Recovery. Jim Flood writes about his personal experience of recovery in the aftermath of a serious automobile accident that put him in a 18-day coma with multiple fractures throughout his body and a serious brain injury. Jim was told that he may never walk again or be able to have a productive life. It took Jim three years and fifteen surgeries to be able to function properly again. In his book and talks, Jim tells his story about overcoming any difficult situation life throws your way. Jim has also become a professional speaker and has given many talks on overcoming adversity, achievement, and teamwork.
He has gone on to be one of team Canada's top coaches. Jim shares responsibility for producing hundreds of World Champions. Jim himself competed in four world championships and took home medals on every occasion, winning five medals ranging from bronze to gold. Coach Flood believes that he has learned far more from his losses than from his victories.
Jim is a 7th degree black belt through the World Karate Association. Coach Flood uses kickboxing to optimize the students, character, mental awareness and fitness. The kickboxing techniques and workout regime are designed to bring out the best in the individuals. Coach Jim Flood's background lies in traditional GoJu Ryu Karate and as such; coach flood believes in many of the traditional philosophies and includes them in his own teaching.

Coach Flood believes in continuous improvement and always trying to upgrade and improve your skills and abilities. During the time of Covid and the lockdown in Ontario. Sensei Flood became a certified Mental Performance Coach as well as being certified in teaching Character through Character.org one of the leading educators for teaching and implementation of Character curriculum to higher education schools across North America as well as creating corporate courses to some of today's top corporate enterprises. Sensei Flood believes both these accreditations will make him a much better coach and teacher.

Jim Flood still teaches for EWK in Ontario on ZOOM and in person when back in Ontario. However he now calls Newfoundland home. Mr. Flood and his Family (wife Lesley and world champion daughter Leah) recently moved to Tors Cove. Sensei Flood now calls Sensei Alex Michael Foley's dojo home and is excited to work with an amazing and motivated group of students.

Jim travels regularly doing seminars and keynote speeches' to organizations and teams on the Elite Mindset.