Let's cook with Ella

Hello, welcome to my blog!

I’m Elena,

I’m 28 years old, I’m a professional cook!

I love food, and its culture! I want to share with you my knowledge gathered in 11 years!

I had the opportunity to learn from the best, Gordon Ramsay in Petrus restaurant, and Bread Street Kitchen (I worked with him most of the time in the kitchen), Eric Frechon, Pierre Gagnaire, Adi Hadean, Antonio Pasareli!

There are chefs who inspired me to learn as much as possible, especially since I had the opportunity to meet them, and to learn from them even if for a short time! I hope you enjoy these recipes!

I m from Romania, at the moment I live in Switzerland, I love reading, animals , specially horses, I love to go out in the nature!

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