East London, United Kingdom

New And The Best Full Time Oriental Asian Transsexual, Transgender, Transwoman, Shemale, Ladyboy, Tranny, T-Girl ( Means I HAVE COCK AND BREAST, NO PUSSY AT ALL ), Independent Escorrrt Massseurr ( Only Me Myself and I, This is not an agency) new in East London. ELLY 07493399058 ( +447493399058 )

I Live and Base in East London

Accommodate Host in my place and also Travel to your place available 24 hours Day and Night 7 days per week.

14 minutes walk from Tube Station or shot cut walk takes 12 mins Only.
If you do drive and have car, There is a parking for free.

Slim/ Fit/ Toned/ Petite, Smooth all over whole body ( Soft baby skin) , Passive, Friendly, Convincing, Feminine, Lovely, Sweet, Relaxing, Professional, C CUP Big Breast ( Looks extremely very natural ), Light brown eyes 5'7'' tall 56 kilos, Average 6.5 uncut fully functional hard Transsexual-Cock ( wet juicy tasty ), and i do cum too, ONLY PLAY SAFE SEX!

Genuine real pics, ( I AM WAY TOO REAL & NO BULLSHIT GAME AT ALL ), what you see in here is what you get exactly! No more no less, if you're still not happy what you see in here, dont call at all also dont ask me to send more pics etc to annoy me as i already have enough pics in my profile in here! Remember what you see is what u get, No more no less!

Service i provided below ( What i do and what i dont do ) :-

Oral Sex = I am both way/ versatile or just Btm/Sub or Just Dom/ Top ( Means you can suck my cock and i can also suck yours too, so i dont mind).

Anal = I only passive/ bottom/ receive ( Means you fuckkk me but i dont fuccckk you at all, but i dont mind finger your ass or play with ur ass with toy cock)

I dont rim/ lick ass, but you can rim me if you want!

I do kiss, ONLY if you have a clean teeth and breath smell nice of course

I do RolePlay Fantasy, such as Girl Friend Experience, Dom and Sub, Dirty Talk, Rape Scenerio etc etc etc ....

Only for Genuine, Reliable, Honest, Educated, Polite, Respectful Guys With Good Manners and Good Hygiene and smell nice and take care of themselves, and also take our appointment seriously contact me.
Yes ONLY FOR GUY or GUYS ( Im Not into Woman or Trans or ( NO Couple - Man and Woman together at all sorry, so dont ask anymore)

I always take my precious time and my profession service seriously to real/ genuine people and to make sure guaranteed of quality good time assured together and to keep the value moment as good memory. However i simply dont have patience at all to any time wasters or weirdos which i always click "BLOCK" to have your number blocked immediately or straight away to avoid you contacting me or annoying me again!

FYI - Outcall service at least an hour notice in advance needed.

Other Questions you need to know such as Price, Location etc, YOU MUST CALL DIRECT ONLY TO FIND OUT, I dont do ping pong email or SMS TEXT MSG to answer your questions at all sorry! CALL IS A CALL DIRECT TO ME ONLY!

If your number doesnt get through at all, that means you already been blocked permanently or blacklisted marked as Time Waster, Weirdo, Rude, Fake, Liar, Cheap Guy, Called me Twice in the Past Already but yet still haven’t met, Put Me Off before you you called me on the phone, Hesitation of your Yes No Yes No game, Or disrespect and break the rules that written on my profile here! ( Remember this is an experienced professional, AND PROFESSIONAL DONT MAKE MISTAKE AND NO TIME TO MAKE MISTAKE AT ALL )

ELLY 07493399058 ( +447493399058 )

PS - Please Remember and PLS MAKE SURE you DO FOLLOW AND READ MY RULES EXTREMELY LOUD AND CLEAR Listed Below as im EXTREMELY STRICT WITH MY RULES to avoid your number to be blocked permanently immediately!

* STRICTLY NOOOOOOOOOOO SMS Text Messages, Email at all and also NO Witheld/ Private Unknown Numbers - Which i already set ALL Blocked Private Numbers you will not be able to get through at all ), All these will not be entertained and will be considered or marked as time waster and weirdo. SO CALL DIRECT ONLY ACCEPTED! ( YES, CALL IS A CALL - NO EXCUSES WHATSOEVER OR GET BLOCKED PERMANENTLY ) READ IT LOUD AND CLEAR NO IS A BIG NO! SO DONT EVEN TRY or THINK or PUSH YOUR LUCK AT ALL.. AND ALL QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED THROUGH A CALL DIRECT TO ME, YES EVEN JUST 1 LITTLE SIMPLE QUESTION, YOU NEED TO CALL DIRECT STILL!

* No Time waster/ weirdo

* NO Liar , NO Play Game Or Bullshit ( Especially When i ask you questions on the phone, ) Remember BE HONEST!

* No cheap people asking for discount or negotiate my price ( I have my own value of my service and please respect my rates, my time, my professional services, My rate/ price is already cheap and very affordable for every average guys that pay me comparison other Shemale Escorts Rates that charge even way higher than mine), You want good time, good package of my look and my service, U DON'T bargain or negotiate again my price or ask for discount to put me off. You not happy with my price, go call others instead, or take your money to Central London or West London to pay even higher prices in there as you wish, no need to compare my price with others as we have different look style and package, you call me means u looking for ME, My affordable price and my package and look. So Respect !

*No impolite, rude, uneducated callers and your number straight away will be blocked permanently and blacklisted for good.

* NO DRUG USERS or ALCOHOLIC DRUNK GUY will be entertained at all

* If you Shy or Nervous, Don't Call and Dont Meet ( I DON'T meet Shy Nervous guy sorry )

* This is AN ESCORT SERVICE ( YES ESCORT ), If you're not a client, Dont have money, DONT CALL ME AT ALL and dont ask for free date or free meeting.

* For Those call me twice/ 2 times still haven't met ( as i only give 2 chances to pick up the same caller that called me twice, as i don't expect any callers called me twice wasted my time to annoy me asking the same thing, same info/detail/ questions and yet still nothing happened/ haven't met or ready to meet ) These people that annoyed me i will automatically block the number mark as complete time waster. SO BE SERIOUS ABOUT IT, YOU ONLY CALL ME WHEN YOU'RE READY TO MEET AND TO COME!

* NO hesitation of your Yes No Yes No Game, Just Do it or Just Leave it !

* Those made the Incall Booking Time, Pls be Punctual of your arrival time to my door, if delay have no sense of good timing, these people your number also will be blocked, to me TIME IS MONEY!

* AND I HAVE ZERO PATIENCE AND TOLERANCE TOWARDS THOSE PEOPLE AS LISTED ABOVE, ALL GOES STRAIGHT INTO MY BLOCK/ BLACK LIST WITH NO MISTAKE MADE AT ALL, and is only takes me less than 3 seconds to click the BLOCK BUTTON to have your number block permanently! So Do Learn To Listen, Read and Most of all Respect ALL THE RULES!

* As you're asking for my service and please to respect my rules thanks! Stay Genuine, stay serious, stay honest, then you'll be guaranteed assured deserve our good time service meet together and quality good time memorable moment ( Remember as im way too real and too straight forward ) or if you stay weird / time waster and get blocked permanently for good. I don't meet any clients at all, i will only pick on those genuine clients that i feel connected via the conversation of the call , then i will decide to accept to see you or not after!

Good luck for whoever you searching for!