United States

With a passion for gardening and nature that connects me to mother earth, I am on a lifelong quest seeking gnosis, the knowledge of spiritual mysteries. After growing up on a farm in a small rural Christian community in the Midwest US, serving in the US Marine Corp, working in the corporate world and having my own business, I realized life had much more to offer than titles and labels of the material world.
I always believed the existence of a higher power, but could not understand how so many religions had different understandings. Since 2010, I have been studying wisdom teachings of world religions and philosophies, belief systems, energy, meditation, science, metaphysics extraterrestrial, and the esoteric teachings of Buddha and Yeshua. In 2016 became an avid student of the Law of One.
I am simply a student of life, a Mystic seeking the truth, wanting to share any knowledge that may assist anyone on their life Journey.