The impetus web publishing for this case:
This web publication to commemorate one of the most venerable and dear comrades Martyr Professor Gundogdiyev Ovez Atayevich launched. The goal of this blog is a collection of books and articles, Professor Ovez Gundogdiyev. ...
... And, But in my case:
If my house to fall;
I will pick my clay again up!
Life is not bad. I have a piece of bread, a bit of intelligence, tiny needle hobby penchant. My mother is better than tree leaves. Best friends running as water, and a God who is near here, Ina-Il-Haqq...
Once you find the enemy, It's mean you were successful in reaching your goals!
If they threaten you, must know! They are powerless against cross you. ...
If they betray you see, the mean is your price was highyer.
If one day they left you, must know! They don't deserved to be with you. ...

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