EnricoTon (Ethics)

Course: BA Film

Favorite Book: "I Am The Messenger" by Markus Zusak, for making me rethink the idea of finding purpose or requiring some higher power's motives, plans or ideas for why I should exist, by simply creating a character that finds meaning through individual interactions with others and ultimately, with his own self.

Favorite Film: "Koe no Katachi", directed by Naoko Yamada. Despite being a Japanese anime film, it takes advantage of its animated nature by carefully crafting blockings, compositions, and depths of fields that put forth visual meaning, in addition to the meticulous and subtle sound design, all to tell a usually difficult to empathize with, and emotional story of redemption and forgiveness fpr a bully that has a brush with depression over his guilt, and the steps he takes to make up for his shortcomings and reassure his past victim of her self-worth despite his transgressions of childhood.

Favorite Media Practitioner: Sean Miyashiro, founder and CEO of multi-media company 88Rising. Despite its relative youth of 3 years, from the humble beginnings of making phone calls from a parking building inside his car, Sean pursued his dream to dispel the divide between Asian and Western cultures by creating an image of Asian artists that didn't need to bank on their Oriental upbringings or on purely Western musical trends, encouraging instead individualism and artistic freedom. And because of his constant consultation with his artists in taking advantage of the different media forms available to him, be it YouTube music videos, meme pictures on Instagram and Twitter, all-Asian organized music festivals, clothing partnerships, and more, Miyashiro is a standard to me for how someone aware of the contemporary media's capabilities and widespread social culture can create a massive niche following by playing an unconventional game.

Favorite Songwriter: Eminem, or Marshall Mathers. As the most prominent white hip-hop artist, one that breaks the stereotype of rap being an all-black genre, his variety in songs, from aggressive to contemplative to purely motivational have had a huge influence on me, instilling a sense of determination since his "Recovery" album. And the fact that he's been doing music for almost 20 years but has still been going strong, even releasing a new album last year, proves his dedication to topping himself and the craft, one that I hope to embody in my own personal endeavors.

Favorite Meal: Beef Rendang curry and plain rice with naan bread, because I have a special love for foods that are just the right amount of spicy, and because when I eat Rendang, the aftertaste almost feels like I just ate some kind of medicinally herby food that purges me of my stress and makes me burn out my physical tension.

Hobbies: Photo and video editing, dancing, binge-watching anime, sketching, reading, writing, muay thai, calisthenics