About me:  I’m Erica/Erika – an eternal optimist, a grateful Mom, Wife, Human Being.

I am surrounded by people who inspire me on a daily basis.  I love the concept of sharing new perspectives with each other.

I am always observing and paying attention, especially to the lessons that begin in whispers.......lessons that get louder and louder.

I also love taking pictures and I often get surprised by the hidden gems I missed the first time around.  I chose the name because there is always a story.

I have always enjoyed writing.  Hence, I googled “how to start a blog”.

 I am a work in progress, constantly learning, evolving, recreating.  A favourite mantra of mine is perfection is the enemy of good.  I do feel vulnerable and a combination of love and fear right now.

I appreciate your thoughts, opinions, questions and we can also respectfully agree to disagree.  We can also have fun. Ultimately, we are in this life together. Thank you for stopping by.