Erik Stangvik

New York

The long-term health of the economy has also been a big focus. Erik Stangvik knows that there is a lot of economic inequality in the world, and he worked with Anita Roddick for more than a decade to create projects that help people all over the world. He could make sure everyone had what they needed to take care of themselves and their families.

Erik Stangvik was also the Executive Vice President of The Heroic Imagination Project when it was first started. There, he worked with Dr. Philip Zimbardo on many different projects that would help people who were in need. All of these projects were different, but they all had the same goal: to make the world a better place. By bringing attention to the problems of people and small businesses around the world, Mr. Stangvik raised a lot of money that was used to start these projects and help people who needed it the most.