Hi! My name is Erin. Welcome to my blog, and thank you for reading! Some key things to know about me- I am a Catholic, wife to an engineer, mom to a smart, curious toddler boy (J) and our smiley, spunky baby daughter (M), literature lover, avid journal keeper, aspiring novelist, and creativity enthusiast. I consume chocolate on a daily basis, and would be nowhere without my morning cup of coffee.

I have had difficult pregnancy and birth experiences including two C-sections, and have suffered from postpartum depression after delivering each of my children. My wish is for no one to feel as alone as I did during that first year of motherhood and so this blog was created. I titled it after my firstborn son J, whom I affectionately nicknamed Bubba. This blog is a forum on which I share my trials with PPD, my struggles and triumphs during motherhood, my thoughts on God and faith, as well as reflections on my life in general. I hope that everyone who is brought to my site finds what he/she is looking for.