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Have you ever bought a product that was more expensive than it really was? If so, you must have felt terrible afterwards. Let eSkateBuddy help you never to be in such a situation again. If you don't know what eSkateBuddy is yet, read on!

What is eSkateBuddy?

eSkateBuddy is a leading news blog about electric skateboarding. In addition to providing updates from the market, the site also features in-depth reviews of the best electric skateboards on the market today.

How we review

In order to provide the most objective and fair reviews, we proceed to collect product data from many sources including descriptions from manufacturers, reviews from buyers, experts opinions, information from other reputable review sites, and electric skateboard review channels.

We also try rating the e-board ourselves. We first scoped the test project, then ordered e-boards as test samples. Our team will test by riding the board and make judgments about the strengths and weaknesses of that item. Electric skateboards vary from region to region. That's why we order products from across different locations.

Combining data gathering and product analysis with determining consumer needs and our target audience, we bring out the best recommendations for your purchase.

In addition, we also conduct periodic surveys to find out the needs of customers. These surveys also provide us with evaluation data on the products we are interested in. Thanks to these data, we can provide you with unbiased information about the products of interest to you.

We always try to make our content become more perfect. You can help us speed up this process by leaving supportive ideas. Or if you have any questions, our support team is available 24/7 to help you promptly. See you on the eSkateBuddy homepage!