Zoey Hetrick

I am a ministry student, currently enrolled in Christian Leaders Institute. My God Dream is to travel to Egypt on a permanent missionary trip. I plan to plant churches there and reach out to others who would not find Jesus without our help.

My current role in the Christian community is leading disciples into a faithful fellowship with the Lord. I do most of my ministry online. I try to visit places where Christians are least likely to be found. I go to social sites for mental health, religious discussion and debates, and mainstream sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

I also minister in person at my church. I am a leader in our program known as Pathways. It is a Sunday/Saturday school classroom for children with special needs. Our students span anywhere from verbal children with ADHD to Autistic children, to non-verbal adults. It is always fun in our room. Never a bland day.

At the present moment, I am in the process of reaching out to our Church's senior pastors. Recently, our Children's Pastor left. I am not sure if it was for a greater calling, retirement, or just somewhere else in the church. Our church is very large and it is very easy to lose someone among the crowd. However, God has -STRONGLY- convicted me to take on that role. I am in the process of trying to cope with this overwhelming feeling of responsibility. Think of me as Moses- before he gained full confidence. Stutter and all. Only, I do not have Aaron to be my wing man. It is just me. Look out world, this Lioness is Arising!