Life is weird. View it through my eyes.

Cis-gen female diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at 34. Before that I was supposedly plagued by OCD, ADHD, GAD w/ social anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD and depression (the latter two being true co-morbid conditions that are inextricably entwined).

This blog exists because it is still largely assumed that autism is a "boy's condition" and far too many females go un/misdiagnosed as a result of this bias. I hope that by reading and experiencing my stories/perspective I will inspire more women who suspect they may be on the spectrum to get evaluated. This opens the door to the right types of treatment and perhaps a sense of peace, self-love, self-acceptance, understanding..

It also serves as a home for my art [read: expression]. Or in truth, it serves as a home for my self-exploration as expressed through the exploration of art in varying media. I can't promise it will always be good, but it will always be authentic.