I am a seeker. Many of my poems are spiritual, for I love going within. Since retirement from teaching academic writing and English as a Second Language for 43 years, I've been able to work on my poetry in more earnest. I also wrote a textbook called Discoveries in Academic Writing, which can be found on
I'm a Reiki Master [Usui Reiki], and I'm trained in 2 levels of Karuna Reiki. I'm an affiliate member of the Reiki Membership Organization with the International Center for Reiki Training. I have just completed Level 1 of Equine Touch Therapy. You might say I'm full of energy!
Related to this, I love practicing Tai Chi Chuan and have studied Yang forms, Chen forms, and Sun forms. I've also worked with sticks, swords and fans. Currently, I’m learning the Sun Lutang Bagua forms.
I'm married and have three huge male cats, Saga, Jasper, and JoJo. My husband Dierik is a musician of Bluegrass, Cajun, and Country music. He's also a great music teacher.
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Facebook: / barbara.leonhard
Twitter: barbara@barbara17609138
I also have a Tumblr account under Extraordinary Sunshine Weaver.

Why the name Extraordinary Sunshine Weaver?

Weaver is Source, who connects all things.
Strings and threads are cloth woven for wear.
Sunshine is Source, who reaches out rays
Like fingers to heat and heal,
To create Spring, spiritual connection,
To nurture Gaia,
To create rain as food,
To dream life,
To forge love
And evolve Source.
Extraordinary is this mystery.
All extends from Source as fingers of light
To nourish and thrive,
And as night falls awake so do all
Return to Source.

Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard


"Skyfall" by Andrei Mikhailov


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