Evoking the Quintessence of Truth Beyond the Deceptions

Sharing my life setup and the experiences while unraveling in this inversion of the holographic constructed copy of Terra/earth.

I've been caught up in the distractions, the diversions, tricks and traps of this labryinth of a game that has been playing out in multiple timelines, cycles, wipes and resets. I'm still here, in this timeline in the physical form knowing there is more to the narratives that the physical form of myself created and played out here in the projection of the hijacking.

Follow the intuitive force within that reminds you of who you really are, guard your creative abilities, thoughts which are neutral to all that is attempting to distract you to be in fear and uncertainty, or in any way in which will enable forces that wait to feed on those emotions.

The tape is running out of the REEL-ity here. Hold that place which sees beyond the deceptions.