Welcome to Living With Eyz2God - One Day at a Time! I am blessed to have you join me on this journey we call life and pray that you will be encouraged and fed through the words on these pages.

I am a stay-at-home wife to a wonderful Godly husband... mom to 4 adult children...step-mom to 5 adult to 11 grandchildren combined...empty nesters living just 30 minutes from the Delaware beaches...WHEW!

Patiently...yes, patiently waiting for God's leading in my life...He has challenged me over the past 3 years with some ongoing health issues and surgeries...But it is in His infinite wisdom I am where I am...for such a time as this...saying #YesToGod... learning all I can during this time of "Abiding" and looking forward to where He is leading me ...

I have always loved to write...from making up stories as a school aged journaling as an blogging withing the past 2 years... somehow words flow easier from my fingers than they do from my mouth...and lately...through my time home with health issues, I have had time to write...and most importantly, to spend in God's Word.

Writing my thoughts and posting for anyone to see is very new to me - and very hard for me...anyone who knows me knows that I am a very private, hold-my-cards-close-to-my-chest-kinda-gal...

BUT GOD...and you never argue with you?!

God has shown me that no matter who we are or where we come from - somehow - somewhere - each of us carries an ache - each of us has a story - and each of us needs encouragement in our faith walk.

It is my prayer that through my writing the Hope of Christ is revealed and others are encouraged in their faith.

As we live out our Jesus Calling, no matter our circumstances, we can experience true joy - Joy found in the eternal Person of Jesus Christ.

Living With Eyz2God,