Journey Of The Traveling Nut House Of Kelly

Moorhead, MN

Hi, I'm Sarah and I will be your narrator on this journey. I'm basically the ringmaster of this family. I run this party but not all by myself, even though there are times it may feel that way. My husband Jason, our loyal and reliable leader; does steer this ship because it is his job that relocates us from one new and foreign destination to the next. We have two kids that you'll meet, who live in this Nut House as well! Tristan is the oldest, my old-soul and my patient, dependable, and quick-witted son! Then the youngest is Grace, she goes by G or Gigi for short! She is our dramatic child, very bright and crazy resourceful. We all have our unique perspective on our travels and how the moves effect each of us very differently. We've seen and experienced some amazing things along the way.
Have been as adaptable as we have needed to be? Maybe not but we still have each other and that will never change.

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