facetioussoup aka MLWA

Eloy, AZ


I have a picture style blog. My blog has some poetry mixed in there that I had written long ago.

I also have written a children's book that is featured in my posts.
I hope to better that book and one day have it published.

Almost all the pictures in my blog are borrowed from the internet and are not my own.

The thoughts that I place with the pictures are my own. If I do any post where the thought is quoted from someone else I place that in the post, the author's name. I have a few posts where the author is unknown and I put that in there as well. My husband Michael and I blog together and some of the posts are a combination of us.

I hope anyone who paroozes our blog thoroughly enjoys in and I hope in some way that it touches your life.

MLWA = Michael Liz With Attitude. Corny but to us it was catchy.

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