Hello guys! Welcome to my blog,

I'm favour, am a mother of three blessed kids. ( obviously am so excited for you visiting my blog) I live in London.
The birthing of my blog came into full realization in 2018, due to an encounter I had in February 2018.

I got saved by Grace, not by my might. So I decided to write a lifestyle blog which encompasses inspirational, motivational, Building the right network to succeed, career coaching, Revelational words and other powerful contents that will impact our lives positively for better living. I love to write about things that we come across on our journey in life. My passion for this venture cannot be overemphasized as I write from within.

The purpose of my blog is to convey my experience through knowledge gained and life encounter to people out there that never loose hope or quit your dreams too easily, believed in yourself, be determined, focused and above all have a trusted confidant.

My blog is constantly changing and growing as I learn more about blogging. It's truly an art. I hope my followers will enjoy every content I create as much as I enjoy creating it. and also support me on my journey in impacting lives. Because powerful words are healing to the soul.
If you have any contribution, questions please feel free to ask! I love to hear from you. And also leave me a comment, likes on my blog anytime you visit. Follow me on facebook, twitter, Instagram.