French geek. Let's get this straight. I've put my ass in front of a computer at the age of 4 or 5. I couldn't even read but I put a password on the family computer. Then I started my first videogames with the trio Pacman/Galaga/Pole Position (& Dig Dug for the bonus). By growing with the tech', videogames, collecting NES, Playstation and loads of other consoles, I've always been a gamer. Always been passionate about high-tech and its evolution as well. While aging, I've started to expand my horizons. Having a father passionate about old rock, movies (Sci-fi and cult - thank you dad for Freddy at 6y/o) and a mother passionate about art and hard rock, that helped a lot. With maturity, I've learnt to be interested in everything. From politics to history and more. I'm not a bookworm, actually almost never read. But I love books and thanks to my awesome girlfriend, who's a book lover (check I'm gonna read a lot with her now. Even though, I'm truly passionate about Cinema (Movies and TV Shows), Music (Old rock from late 60's to early 90's), Video Games and Comics (DC mostly). And that is all you must know about me.

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