Fergal Casey

Dublin, Ireland

Fergal Casey was an IRCHSS Government of Ireland Scholar at University College Dublin where he completed a PhD in Anglo-Irish Literature & Drama. He has taught Children's Literature and Irish Literature there and his most recent papers delivered include ’A Philosophy of Absurdity in The Barracks and That They May Face the Rising Sun‘ at the first British John McGahern conference in Swansea University and ‘A Celtic Twilight in Little England: WB Yeats and GK Chesterton’ at the Reconstructing the Revival conference in UCD.

He was a film columnist for University College Dublin’s The University Observer, and then film critic and correspondent for InDublin magazine and indublin.ie. He later contributed film reviews to dublinks.com before launching Talking Movies.

He is also a short story writer and recently won the best thriller category in the Graham Greene Birthplace Trust creative writing awards for his short story ‘Dieu et Mon Droit’.