Cassie Kelley


I'm a Christian author who has severe Bipolar Disorder and Asperger's. I know how hard it is to live with a mental illness, and I know that you can't just pray away every problem you have. If somebody asks me how I am, the answer is not always "Fine." I have a desire to help 'normal' people understand what 'not normal' people go through, what their own version of 'normal' is.

My first writing project, the "Lost Scrolls Trilogy" was a growing of my writing muscles, focused mainly on my Christian journey with much symbolism sprinkled in.

My second writing project is tentatively titled "9 Ways To Normal," and is the journey of 9 fictional characters with different mental illnesses, and what their 'normal' is.

I believe that each person is normal in their own eyes, but it is such a subjective experience, and I want to explore it. Hopefully, you'll take this journey with me.