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Find My Bin has developed a service for identifying bank card data by BIN. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company was founded in 2016 by a group of young programmers and has been providing a great service to anyone for free ever since. Our service is available worldwide.

BIN cards: what is the beast?

In general, it is difficult to say whether the client needs this information and whether it is useful for him. Nevertheless, a review of banking forums showed that this question is quite popular.

So, the BIN is the first 6 figures of the card number. This abbreviation stands for "Bank Identification Number". Therefore, it is correct to say "bank BIN", although often encountered and "bank card BIN", which is not quite correct.

Actually, it is clear from the abbreviation what the BIN is. It is an identifier, where the certain information about the bank is encoded. Do you need it? You judge for yourself, when you find out what information is hidden behind the six figures.

How to decipher the BIN of the card

Any client who knows the purpose of the BIN can decipher it. The BIN data reveals:

- The type of MPS payment system. The most famous systems are Visa, American Express and MasterCard.
- The issuing bank of the card.
- Type of card (debit or credit). With a debit card you can pay or transfer money without limits, credit cards have limitations. For example, sometimes it is impossible to transfer money from it.
- Type of card (Maestro, Electron, Classic, Gold, Standard, Platinum).
- The country where the card is issued and its code. If the card is paid abroad the card can be erroneously defined as a foreign one.
- Hot line number. The service allows you to get a number to contact the bank's specialists.

If the card is lost, the BIN will allow to return it to the legal owner. It is necessary to determine the bank, then the bank will find its client. When making payments, in addition, the issuing bank is determined. When buying goods on the sites the payment form appears, where it is necessary to specify all the information.

When do I need to verify my credit card?

What to do when you don't want to waste time visiting the bank or need to check another person's credit card? Bank plastic cards are divided into two types: debit and credit. When buying or paying for any services in one country the type of card is of no practical importance.

But when you pay online, for example for an airline ticket, the price of the goods or services often differs depending on the type of bank card. In this case the purchaser is offered to indicate which type of card it is.

Information about someone else's bank card becomes relevant if it is necessary to transfer money for a product or service to an unfamiliar person. For example, when purchasing via social networks, where swindlers are often found. Also, credit card verification is important for those who employ people to work over the Internet. If the work is based on the advance payment system, the customer should check whether the cardholder's personal information corresponds to the information about the hired worker.

In conclusion

You can see that all this data is quite complicated and the average citizen does not really need it. That's why Find My Bin covers all these issues and provides a service. We would like to tell the whole world about our service, and with this purpose we have registered on this site. We hope that we can bring even more value to our users, because nowadays such service is very much in demand.

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