I was born a child of biochemical warfare, the warrior daughter of an Army veteran exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. I have survived toxicity, compromised genetics, and life-long chronic illness. After three decades of misdiagnosis, medical malpractice, painful procedures, surgeries and pharmaceutical toxicity I decided to try a alternative approach to my health. I had been prescribed multiple medications since childhood for chronic ailments. Having been fully disabled by antibiotics in my mid thirties I began to learn a more natural approach to health and wellness. I also began to understand that these life long physical and mental health issues were related to Autism and Mast Cell Activation Disorder. The catastrophic adverse reaction left me on over a dozen prescribed medications and the promise of many more agonizing procedures. For a couple of years, while primarily confined to bed I began to educate myself on what I could do to recover my body, mind, and spirit. I slowly became conscious of the toxins that triggered the debilitating conditions that for me had been a life long struggle. Slowly I began to clean up my environment and reclaim my life. Living with life threatening allergies has taught me how to question everything I put in, on, or around my body. I am learning to heal naturally with Science, Spirituality, Nutrition and Mother Nature. I hope that my story helps others suffering from environmental illness and helps to prevent this from happening to another being. The toxins that I am so sensitive to are harmful to humanity and Mother Nature. Canaries are sentinels used to detect risks to humans by providing advance warning of dangerous environmental hazards and signs of impending hazards. I hope this blog will serve as an experienced and educational warning to others. I have learned how to live a fulfilling life in spite of many limitations. I am so much more than what has happened to me....I look forward to sharing my story and healing with you all!!!!