Hey all,

So the people that follow me will understand my ups and downs with my mental health, I started this website to inspire others and to talk about my mental health and autism openly because as you all know you can get judged by society so fast and people seem to understand more on this platform witch is super nice and comforting.

I have moved out of my parents i am now living with the love of my life who means literally everything to me, I am engaged and soon to be married, i love her so much she means everything to me and more. she gives me every enjoyment and more with life, so life has changed so much since starting this, I have an amazing dog called Toby also my partners kids and grand kids, by moving i have gained more friends and family <3 love you all

I am still in contact with my family back in St. Neots to witch is nice, also my friends that i have made over the years i have kept in contact with the important ones, love you all lots

love and light <3

My email is