A Foodie: Starting at a very young age, my love for food began when I would find myself mixing and experimenting with the things found in our refrigerator and later concocting snacks and desserts as a product of my wild imagination. Later on, my romance with food further deepens when I grew more aware of the magic that food can bring through cooking. I learned to make use of my senses by appreciating the distinct flavor each dish would have. At present, I am admittedly a food aficionado who still dreams of running my own food business someday.

A Blogger: As a young girl, I would always resort to writing in order to share my thoughts and ideas to the world. What started as a hobby when writing in journals further developed into having the passion for blogging when I started my personal blog back in 2001. Since then, I would document every exciting part of my life while sharing my two cents on a wide array of issues concerning LIFE.

Putting together this blog is definitely a dream come true. It's my way of sharing with you my discoveries as I travel and experience wonderful culinary feasts the world can offer. Hope you'll join the ride as I promise you it'll be loads of fun!