New York, USA

Frans Schoeman, Director Phatsima Diamond
Phatsima diamonds, elegantly created by following light refracted through the faces of a brilliant gem, "give light" in Setswana, the light of happiness brought to any occasion by sparkling jewelry. Phatsima diamonds are custom-made and combined with rubies, topaz, emeralds, and pearls in timeless white or yellow gold and platinum. Phatsima diamonds are certified by the best diamond suppliers in South Africa. While most Phatsima jewelry is crafted to the buyer's specifications, a limited amount of gold and sterling silver jewelry is sold online.

Frans Schoeman is described as a highly motivated South African attorney who specializes in corporate commercial and business law. He oversees due diligence cases, complicated legal mergers, and acquisitions while managing a mining concession in Angola. He opened his mine in 2005, and Phatsima diamonds in 2006.

From Capetown, South Africa Frans Schoeman practices law at the TG Minister Consulting firm and is the Director of Phatsima Diamond Corporation. He graduated from the Universiteit van die Vrystaat, or University of the Free State, in 1990, and he joined the Law Society of South Africa in 2003. As a member of the Law Society of South Africa, he leads the transformation of the South African legal profession with high regard for the best interests of the South African people it serves. The Law Society provides continuing professional development for attorneys and further ensures that quality ethical, professional, competent, and caring legal service is provided to the community. Frans Schoeman promotes the arts and cultural activities, the welfare of children, education, environmental quality, human rights, politics, science, and technology.

Frans Schoeman's diamond and wedding ring designs will endure, an endless tribute to his aesthetic contributions to the world. His jewelry reflects his world views of peace, quality, and equality and his passionate commitment to the world. Your handcrafted wedding ring and engagement ring represents your vision and purpose, your idea of perfection. Your wedding ring is an enduring symbol of the life you share. Frans Schoeman's case law is enduring and permanent. The businesses he created, encouraged, and developed benefited and permanently changed South African law and his South African Society.