Who is Destiny Inspired Consulting (Social Media Consulting) Founder/CEO/Blogger Bianca LaTrice? She's a mommy to TWO beautiful, talented, hilarious daughters, Tyra (age 16) & Taylor (age 4). I'm a Christian who ain't afraid to represent who the Lord Jesus Christ is in my life. Let's not forget that I am a proud black woman who unapologetically loves the skin I am in yet celebrates diversity. I'm excited about the opportunity to partner with other bloggers, digital marketers, mommies, educators, and those who are positive.

Can I tell you that I am EVOLVING? I blog about life's ups and downs, helpful tips, things that inspire me, etc.

Bianca LaTrice's Disclaimer: I am a freelance lifestyle writer and social media/digital marketing expert who has identified blogging as an effective medium to express my thoughts, create awareness, and INSPIRE OTHERS. I happen to the be the CEO/Founder of Destiny Inspired Consulting so sometimes I share business and marketing "stuff" and other times I am just SHARING.

Enjoy the ride!