I'm Sara. I come from Yemen. I have an one sister, but I don't have any brothers. My mother is an old woman who is quite ill. My father has been dead for over 5 years.

I am a graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy . At the moment I am jobless 💔 , unfortunately! I have previously worked at various charities and humanitarian organizations as an Accountant .
My hobbies are learning languages, using technology, making friends around world and finding out about foreign cultures. I would like to go travelling, but it is very difficult to travel from Yemen due to the war here.

I will write about my experiences and how it is to live in Yemen. One day, I would like to visit my friend Tom in Bremen, Germany, which is why I chose the title. Hopefully, writing this will help me to get there and many other places beyond.

Enjoy my blog!