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Hi, I'm the Mollie, the Frugal Hausfrau. In a moment of insanity, I decided to put my two cents worth out there and start this blog about frugal shopping and cooking. See, years ago, my daughter showed me a few blogs about bringing in dinners on a budget. I thought, “Weeeeel, maybe I could do that! I’ve been doing that all my life.” (Yeah, my head talks to me like that.) I had no computer skills, no photography skills and a crappy camera. Seriously, I didn’t even know how to upload a photo, let alone edit one.

I don’t know if I’ve done any better than those other blogs or not, but I’ve persisted. Over the years, my blog has grown and grown up. It’s given me a platform to share tips and recipes that might help you save some hard-earned cash all while eating well. It’s also given me a platform to connect and visit with you! I love chatting with you and hearing your comments.

I've been cooking since I was tall enough to pull up chair to stand at the counter, sink, and stove – over 50 years now, and I never tire of reviving the old or exploring the new. So I’ll keep giving you my quirky Grandma recipe box, a mix of new and old, and I hope you’ll keep following along! I love that you’re here for the ride, and thank you!

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