It all starts with crochet


In the beginning there was crochet-then it got real fuzzy from then on.

Hello and welcome. My crocheting remains a huge part of my life. I have been crocheting since I was 18. That was 1973, so you know.

I have always been and experimental crocheter. Leaving patterns or following or writing designs behind early in my study of the art of crochet.
Crochet stitch books make up most of my collection of study materials.
Also, inspirational fiber/crochet artists such as, Sylvia Cosh, Judith Copland, Julie Shaffer Dale, Zenobia Bailey, Ruth Asawa, Pauline Turner, Prudence Mapstone, Jo Hamilton, mingYi Sung and more have directed my path.

I love color and color theory and--it is the devil in my work.
About ten years ago I stumbled onto crochet felting. Jerry Rigdon was free form crocheting and Molly Andries was felting and they came to a meeting and I loved what each one was doing and I decided to see if I could free form crochet then felt it.
About 15 years ago I stumbled on crochet felting. Jerry was free forming and Molly was felting and they came to a crochet meeting and I loved both forms they were working in and decided to see if I could free form/felt crochet.

This my first attempt at free styling/felting. I call it cro-fusion now. It seems to fit what I do.

When my Mom passed away I inherited her costume Jewelry so I started using it in my designs. I ended up having a practical side of me come out and did a series of art bags. Also, I am an impatient crocheter so even though these items were regular purse size, once they were felted, they are smaller. Just right for that "special" little black dress event.

I have spent the whole of my life in the arts, dabbling here and there in different art forms and I believe I have been looking for this type art as my forum of expression. In finding, the art of cro-fusion, it set in place my voice of who I am artistically.
I identify with it because its beginnings are like the many threads of my life crocheted together looking much like ugly ducklings. However once fused together, form the beautiful basis of my world. Finishing with beads, baubles and more represent the many blessings and people in my life and because of them, the pieces become completed works.
I want people to come close to my works so that they enter my world and discover its intricacies. When I start with a very definite idea of what I want to achieve, the fusion of the fibers seldom look exactly like what I had totally envisioned at the beginning but look better than I imagined.
I work with yarns because they are a very sensual medium that can be touched as well as seen and the different textures provide a variety of feelings. I am intrigued by the concept of turning fiber into three-dimensional objects and love experimenting with articulated shapes while retaining the inherent softness of the material.
Majoring in art in school, I used those educated techniques to become a cro-fusionist artist. The design and composition of my work as well as color choices do not stem from a particular school or theory but are mostly based on instinct and my own exploration and study of my world.