Di le Fay

Di le Fay is a professional actor and a belly dance student. He loves acting, dancing, singing and writing. During his free-time he enjoys going out to a park, a garden where he likes to sit in the grass or laying down under a tree shade, meditating os simply looking at the sky while he lays dawn.
Sometimes he likes to go to a cafe with trees around it, having his tea or a nice cup of barley, reading a nice inspiring book or an interesting funny video on YouTube.
He loves Fine Arts, for painting and drawing are two things he'd like to master one day. Perhaps when he's retired, he thinks.
Everyday, even though he's not English, nor American, nor from any country in which English is mainly spoken, he finds himself writing and speaking the language.
Currently he's preparing to move to London, which is to happen soon. Tomorrow - he says, tomorrow I'm gonna be there...