Deb Wolf

The A to Z of me:

A - Adaptable and Approachable (I hope) B - Blissful and Blessed C - Caring and Child of God D - Dog Lover and Dreamer E - Excited and Emotional F - Friendly and Forgiven G - Grateful and a Gal who glorifies = Galorify H - Hopeful and Honest I - Imperfect and Improving J - Joy-filled and Justified by Grace K - Kind and Kaleidoscopic L - Listener and Learner M - Mended and Modified N - Nice and Nutty O - Open and Original P - Patient and Playful Q - Quixotic and Quaint R - Redeemed and Ragamuffin S - Saint and Sinner T - Trusting and Talkative U - Understanding and Unfinished V - Veracious and Veritable W - Wonderer and Watchful X - eXcited and eXpressive (work with me here! ;-) Y - Yoked to my Savior and Young at Heart Z - Zealous and Zappy

I am also a wife to an amazing man, mom to great kids, and gram to my favorite little people. I am a daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.

We are uniquely wired by a loving God . . . created for His purposes! What words would you use to describe unique and original you!

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