Gautam Raj

Rajat Kumar, an observer and a poet by nature, uses Gautam Raj as pen name. After completing his schooling in medical science from Mahendergarh(HR), he moved to Gurgaon to study Biotechnology. He first published few articles in a science journal Science Reporter. After it, released an eBook Anthology Of Rajat Mahaych. He got published in a literary journal in Black Magnolia, Mississippi, USA, and several others. His main poetic theme is struggle and suffering. His poetic work depicts the pain, darkness which he further represents with help of the sketches he does for his poems. Currently, he is working on his different different projects including anthologies, fictions and non fictions. He loves to help and motivate others. He writes on self hwlp, leadership and motivation. He worked as a Language Instructor at Vageshwari Edutainment Pvt. Ldt(SELE) and currently is a visiting faculty here. He is a volunteer for an NGO, International Youth Fellowship, head branch in South Korea. For him writing is such a passion which makes him human.

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