Gianfranco Conti, Phd (Applied Linguistics), MA (TEFL), MA (English Lit.), PGCE (Modern Languages and P.E.)

Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am an international keynote speaker, professional development provider, writer of instructional materials, blogger as well as an author of books and articles on language pedagogy.

A language teacher for around 30 years, I am the founder of the language learning website as well as the winner of the 2015 TES (Times Educational Supplement) best-resource-contributor award.

I am the co-author with Steve Smith of the best- selling books for ML teachers 'The language teacher toolkit' and 'Breaking the sound barrier: teaching learners how to listen' (available on and hold a Phd in Applied Linguistics (Metacognitive Strategies as applied to second language writing); an MA in TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) and one in English Literature; a PGCE in MFL and P.E. and a BA in English and French Langs and Lit.

I researched Language Acquisition, Essay Writing, Error Correction, Learning Strategies and Learner Training impact on L2-writing proficiency under the supervision of Professor Macaro, Head of the Oxford University Department of Education and Editor of the prestigious ' International Journal of Applied Linguistics' both on my Ph.D and on a large-scale research project in Oxford comprehensive schools (documented in Macaro, 2001's book).

My previous jobs include: Head of Italian, Head of French and MFL subject leader at various secondary schools in England (at primary and secondary level). I was also an Italian lecturer at Reading University, which has recently granted me the title of Visiting Fellow, and a language education researcher at Oxford University.

I enjoy blogging about language teaching and learning and creating French/Spanish/Italian teaching materials which I publish on where, in the last 3 years, I have uploaded over 2,000 free resources which have been downloaded over 3,000,000 times by over 100,000 language teachers worldwide (my profile:

Four years ago I co-founded, a language learning website packed with interactive self-marking activities and games and a verb conjugation trainer. The website has been recently redesigned and re-launched in a much more user-friendly and stylish form and now offers four languages.

I am a keen language learner. I speak English, Italian, French, Spanish and German fluently, get by in Malay and Swedish and I have some basic knowledge of Modern Greek, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese and Farsi. I have a strong grounding in Latin and ancient Greek, two 'dead' languages that have helped me a great deal in life!

Finally, I am the proud father of Catrina Jade Conti.

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