Giano Fiore

Greeley, CO

My name is Giano Fiore and I am a senior marketing student at the University of Northern Colorado. I am interested in a career in social media/digital marketing and content management. I currently work as a student ambassador for the Monfort College of Business and I stay involved in campus activities through my fraternity Delta Tau Delta. I am also the owner of a small business which was created by myself and my mentor, who owns 6 businesses in the city of Greeley. I developed a love for marketing as a young child when I watched my parents spend hours creating advertisements on their computer for their basement music school, which has since grown into a multi-program music academy with over 300 students. Today, I spend my spare time reading about new marketing techniques and how to manage and create content for social media. I hope to eventually use my knowledge to be a part of a team that manages advertisements and content for brands.

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