Journey of a 21st Century Queen is curated by Rwandan born and raised storyteller, activist and poet Giramata. This is an invitation she makes to the larger community to embark towards the journey of decolonization and self-empowerment that she is on. Giramata is a social Pan-Afrikanist and Black Afrikan womanist following the issues of Afrikan history, decolonization, gender equity, Afro-feminism, cultural emancipation and socio-equity. Her works are in forms of blogs, stories (oral histories) and spoken word performances. As she continues her emancipation journey, Giramata hopes to inspire young Afrikan women, to contribute to the normalization of Afrikan traditions, to humanize Afrikan lives and stories, promote mental health in Afrikan societies and to bring about more conversations on taboo topics while calling out the various systems that continue to disempower Afrikans (women in particular).