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Swapnil Pandey is the best selling author of much loved romantic thrillers Soldier's girl and Love Story of a Commando which depict another side of our soldiers filled with human emotions which breaks the stereotype of them only being exemplary warriors. The effortless portrayal of army life comes from her fauji background and she considers it her goal to raise awareness about the sacrifices of military families amongst the masses.
Her first book 'Soldier's Girl' which is a rare story of the constant struggle a Para Commando undergoes between his call of duty and love life dominated Amazon bestseller charts for a long. It was this rage of her first book that her second book 'Love Story of a Commando' which is an endless adventure between an NSG Commando and his beloved was instantly acquired by Mega publishing giant Westland-Amazon and the rest they say is history.
In quest of coming out of her comfort zone of writing fictions only, she had recently worked upon an ambitious book (untitled) based on real-life stories which is going to be released by one of the largest publishers in the world Penguin Random House. It is slated to be released by November 2021. Meanwhile, she is also working upon her fourth book which she intends to bring forward by 2022.
Apart from her illustrious career as an author, she is also a prominent blogger who works in close collaboration with various national and international brands. Since lockdown 2020, she has also started producing motivational and informational videos to add value to the lives of her audiences. These videos have created a huge impact and have been pivotal in raising various social issues around military families.
Being part of the fauji fraternity herself she holds a lot of respect for men in uniform and considers it her duty to raise awareness about the sacrifices these men and their families make in the line of duty. She believes it is the duty of a nation to not only look after the well being of its soldiers and their families but also honour their memories. The lives of Veer Naris (women whose fauji husbands are immortalised) also occupies a major part of the work and awareness drive.

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