Christopher Bentley

A sort of \'Virtual 1970s Czechoslovakia\'

One who entered the 1970s as an eight-year-old and exited them as an eighteen-year-old and who likes various - in some cases, apparently mutually contradictory - genres of music, from various places on the planet and from various eras; not necessarily what some would consider as 'Pop', even though 'Girls Of The Golden East' and 'Bananas For Breakfast' are about the female Pop, mostly - in the event - from the early 1970s from the satellite nations of the former Eastern Bloc, with a leaning towards Czechoslovakia.

'Girls Of The Golden East' is an overall covering of these artists, concentrating on those perhaps lesser-known to the World outside of the former Eastern Bloc.

'Bananas For Breakfast' is specifically dedicated to my 'Number One' - from a Hungarian-speaking background in the far east of the Slovak portion of Czechoslovakia, but who spent the majority of her career in Prague, recording in Czech - Valérie ('Valinka') Čižmárová.

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