Glam in Scrubs

Hello! My name is Tanya and welcome to Glam in Scrubs! I am an RN with over 8 years of various experience in the healthcare industry. Have you ever experienced a day when life got so busy and the to-do list seemed never ending and then all of a sudden it's hard to breathe because you realize it's already 5pm and all you've had all day was 4 cups of coffee but no actual food or water? Because, same.

My goal here is to inspire others to put themselves first and to practice self-care. After a couple rounds of nursing "burnouts", I've learned how to incorporate sustainable self-care routines to keep me aligned. To be the best versions of ourselves is how we can then best provide for our patients, families, and loved ones. Here is where you will find my personal experiences with nursing and how I incorporate fitness, beauty, cooking, and more! Let's make self-care a part of your lifestyle, no one deserves it more!