Glass Full Ish

Hi, I'm a mid 20s , 'mature' business student; unpaid carer, still alive in spite of unbelievable challenges, still miserably failing, still in the ugly phase, still plagued with chronic pains and skin diseases, still searching for paid work at an entry level, still living with toxic parents, still not settled in the slightest, still not even remotely ok...

I post about real things affecting me & some others, without editing/sugarcoating. This may offend or be uncomfortable to read but my whole point is to stay authentic to myself in a world of much trickery by the individuals and the masses.

I hope to inspire as many people as I can with my resilience, gratitude, confidence, forgiveness, and passion :)

I trust am happy to take on board any (respectful ) suggestions for improving my content as I'm very new to this web logging world. Any relevant and helpful advice is appreciated.

Isha :)