Global Well-Being

As always, Love is the answer. Everything else is a secondary practice. I am learning that feeling is the prayer - The language of the matrix of all life. So I look for ways that help to cultivate a feeling of love and compassion and openness and peace. If watching or listening to the videos I post helps you to find more of these qualities within yourself then I am happy. I am learning to choose what I feel as my gift to the world. To choose to feel what it is that I want to share. I find it difficult sometimes to separate myself from the fear and tension that is being promoted worldwide. But I do not want to promote fear and violence. So I practice finding within me love and peace instead as best I can. If one of the videos I post helps you in this way -- Wonderful! If not, then toss it and keep looking. It is an ongoing, morphing and endless learning process. Thanks for your journey of exploration and discovery and Love. I wish for you Love and peace in all you think and say and do.