The godless Pastor

North Carolina

Billy Crocker grew up on a red dirt road in the bible belt East Texas town of Hughes Springs. Billy spent 21 years as a committed Christian and 15 years preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Through the course of around five years Billy started to look at his beliefs more objectively. As the doubts started to grow, scripture became less and less capable of answering those questions. Turning to a broader opinion for his answers, Billy was able to find the answers in a source that would ultimately lead him to becoming an atheist at 30 years old, that source was science. Now an outspoken atheist, Billy hopes to bring awareness to the dangers of religious orthodoxy, and to promote freethought. Billy also spent seven years in the U.S. Air Force in the 819th RED HORSE Squadron from Malmstrom AFB, MT, and then in the 100th CES PRIME BEEF in RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom. Billy had two tours to Iraq, and after getting out of the military in 2013,Billy was diagnosed with PTSD. Living with PTSD has been an absolute nightmare. During the darkest moments of this illness he turned to god, only to be left still wanting. Ultimately, Billy was able to find freedom from these illnesses without god in his life. Through this experience, Billy hopes to encourage those suffering with PTSD to seek out secular treatment, and to overcome these problems without god. Billy has seen the negative effects of religion on those suffering with PTSD. Billy lives with his wife and three kids in North Carolina.

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