Somewhere between awake and asleep.

I love to read fantasy and trashy romance novels. When those two worlds meet, it's utter perfection. A lot of people seem to think that smut takes away from the actual romance, but I think the opposite is true. If anything, being able to bear witness to two people(or three, or four....) discover each other on every level makes everything that much more REAL to me. Or maybe I'm just a pervert. *Sigh* I'll never change the world with a great discovery, or win a Nobel prize for writing stories about gay werewolf orgies, but if I can convince a handful of people that there's nothing dirty or wrong with even the smuttiest smut, as long as it's done between 2 ( or three...or seven, hell, even twelve) consenting adults, then I'll feel like I've contributed something to the world.

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