Debra Powell Photography, LLC

Denver, Colorado

Debby Powell is a landscape and nature photographer based in the high desert environment of Colorado’s beautiful western slope of The Rockies. Debby has traveled throughout Colorado and the western US, including the Hawaiian Islands and Alaska, western Canada and Mexico’s Baja California in search of stunning portraits of Mother Earth.
Debby is a photographic artist – a true amateur – a word to be proud of – a word that means “to do something for the pure love of it”. She practices her art in such a way as to move from time to timelessness while being in touch with the beauty and holiness of nature. Debby is a licensed spiritual practitioner through the Centers for Spiritual Living and considers her photography to be a spiritual practice as much as an art form. Debby sees photography as a way to practice mindfulness and contemplation in our complex world today. Her workshops focus as much on the spiritual aspects and the art of “being in the flow” as they do with the technical aspects of photography.
Debby’s photos have been published in Cowboys & Indians magazine, Science of Mind magazine, and other publications and her work has been displayed at various art shows and galleries including the annual Environmental Film Festival photography show in Golden, Colorado.

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