Lindsay Nelson

Tokyo, Japan

Lindsay Nelson completed her PhD in comparative literature in May 2012 at the University of Southern California. She lived and worked in Japan from 2000-2006 and returned again in 2010 as a Japan Foundation Fellow to complete research for her dissertation, "Embracing the Demon: The Monstrous Child in Japanese Literature and Cinema, 1946-2009." She is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and Economics at Meiji University. Her research interests include Japanese horror films, Japanese visual / pop culture, and depictions of urban and domestic space in contemporary Japanese film. You can find her work in the Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies, the East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, the Encyclopedia of Japanese Horror Films, the Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema, and Midnight Eye. She's currently trying to develop a book on Japanese found footage / mockumentary horror, which is causing a lot of shaky-cam-induced headaches.